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A clean, safe, and pleasant-smelling trash chute and trash room reflect on your residence.  It’s common for spillage, oversized items, and torn bags to create a problematic mess.  Garbage often adheres to the chute walls.  Surfaces become sticky and attract insects and vermin.  Our comprehensive service includes degreasing and disinfection of the chute and doors on each floor, cleaning of the garbage room floor, compactor bin, and stain removal.

Our employees are the best in the business.  We pay our technicians a minimum of $20 per hour.  Our employees receive health and dental insurance, PTO (paid time off), and a company-matching Simple plan.  Our people are dedicated and committed to your satisfaction which leads to their future success and the future success of RTD Power Washing.

The cleaning process:

  • We attain access to the dumpster/compactor room
  • Our hoses are taken up the chute.  Not through your hallways
  • We apply a high alkaline degreaser/deodorizer to the chute and trash doors
    • The cleaning agent loosens the grime from the surface
  • We pressure steam the surfaces using an expanding spinning attachment that comes within inches of the chute walls
  • We degrease and deodorize the compactor and trash room
  • We clean and polish all rubbish access doors
  • We apply an anti-bacterial post treatment



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