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When you notice bad smells coming from your drain or your water isn’t draining like it used to, you need RTD Power Washing.  Drain jetting is essential for preventing and clearing clogs from your drains.  Clogs can not only be frustrating, causing your water to drain slowly or not at all, but they can also lead to dangerous slips and falls.  You can count on us to deliver quality jetting services.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro Jetting is a high-powered stream of water that rushes through your pipes to unblock any clogs that are in the way of free flowing water.  A Hydro Jetter is connected to a hose and when the nozzle is turned on it is placed in the clogged line and shoots out water at 4,000 psi at up to 15 gpm for a powerful clearing of the clog.



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