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HVAC Coil Cleaning is an important part of any preventative maintenance program. Our Coil Cleaning service ensures evaporator and condenser coils perform at peak efficiency. Which keeps energy costs at their lowest while at the same time guaranteeing top cooling performance.

Ignoring coil maintenance will reduce coil efficiency due to poor airflow and poor heat transfer. Filthy coils contribute to HVAC breakdowns, increased electricity usage, and shortened life of your unit.

Our cleaning program includes the cleaning of:

  • Evaporator and condenser coils
  • Air handling units
  • Self-contained units
  • Refrigeration racks
  • Walk-in coolers

Our HVAC coil cleaning service adheres to minimized HVAC downtime and includes environmental considerations, including water reclamation. We will work with your maintenance people to meet your needs.

Our employees are the best in the business. We pay our power washing technicians a minimum of $20 per hour. Our employees receive health and dental insurance, PTO (paid time off), and a company-matching Simple plan. Our people are dedicated and committed to your satisfaction which leads to their future success and the future success of RTD Power Washing.



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