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At-your-site, high-quality heavy equipment degreasing and washing services for less than you might think.

Degreasing and deep cleaning of vulnerable areas such as the engine bay, hydraulic lines, moving component joints, fuel caps, etc. allow for easy inspection and detection of leaks.  Looking for damage or replacing worn parts is easier when you’re working with clean equipment.  RTD Power Washing’s trained professionals know how to safely and effectively clean your vehicles at an affordable price while protecting the environment.

We perform our wash services 7 days a week, at your job site, to meet your schedule.  Our hot water, twin detergent wash application results in a painted and aluminum surface that is clean and looks bright and crisp.  

Our Three-Step Heavy Equipment Process

  • First we apply a degreaser to key areas 
  • Second we apply an acid-based brightener with hot water
  • Third we apply an alkaline-based soap with hot water
    • The acid and alkaline chemicals react to each other to release dirt, road film, grease, and other contaminants while brightening the paint and aluminum
  • We thoroughly rinse your vehicle top to bottom with hot water
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