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Hydro blasting is similar to sand-blasting or cob-blasting without the dust.  The difference is that hydro blasting uses water and air in addition to the sand.  This dramatically reduces dust by 92 percent.  Hydro blasting employ a mixture of water, air, and abrasive media (think very fine sand) to clean and remove contaminants and coatings.  This method is ideal for surface preparation and provides a cleaner surface with little to no embedded particles.

Better than Dry Blasting

  • Consumes for less media
  • Eliminates up to 92% of airborne dust
  • Saves on clean-up and disposal cost
  • A quick and powerful alternative to dry blasting
  • Adjustable to a wide range of blast pressures
  • Works on virtually any surface
  • Won’t damage substrate when blasting with recommended media and appropriate pressure
  • All types of job-appropriate media are available

Better than Slurry and Traditional Water-based Blasting

  • Uses far less media
  • Uses for less water
  • No toxic wastewater runoff
  • No large slurry mess to clean up
  • Adjustable to a wide range of blast pressures
  • Effective in virtually any application environment

Our employees are the best in the business.  We pay our hydro blasting technicians a minimum of $20 per hour.  Our employees receive health and dental insurance, PTO (paid time off), and a company-matching Simple plan.  Our people are dedicated and committed to your satisfaction which leads to their future success and the future success of RTD Power Washing.



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