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Your parking lot/garage/ramp tells each person that parks in your lot/garage/ramp the story of the care you put into your buildings.  We want to be a big part of you telling your story.  We power sweep and power scrub parking lots, garages, and ramps as large as the University of Minnesota and Regions Health to as small as 12 unit apartments and condos.  RTD Power Washing’s trained professionals know how to safely and thoroughly Power Sweep or Power Scrub at an affordable price.

We perform our power sweeping and power scrubbing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your schedule.  We have Tennant power sweepers and Tennant power scrubbers.   We know you have two priorities, getting your lot/garage/ramp clean and second, getting your lot/garage/ramp back in operation.  No one does that better than RTD Power Washing.

Our employees are the best in the business.  We pay our technicians a minimum of $20 per hour.  Our employees receive health and dental insurance, PTO (paid time off), and a company-matching simple plan.  Our people are dedicated and committed to your satisfaction which leads to their future success and the future success of RTD Power Washing.

Power Sweeping:

  • Picks up all types of dirt and debris which can clog your drains
  • We will manually sweep the edges and corners where the machines can’t reach

Power Scrubbing

  • When power washing is not possible, we will power scrub your floors
  • Allows minimal water usage
  • Eliminates risk of leaking and standing water
  • Your floors will be cleaned and ready for use immediately



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