Water reclamation is a process in which wastewater from homes and businesses is cleaned via chemical treatment, and then safely returned to the environment for non-potable uses. It is also known as simply “water recycling.”
The water reclamation process contains multiple steps to ensure a high disinfection level. The first step is to eliminate large solid materials. Next, microorganisms are introduced to break down the smaller solids. Then, undesirable compounds and fine suspended particles are eliminated. Finally, chlorine is introduced to eliminate organisms that cause disease.
Once water has been reclaimed, it is a low-cost alternative to depleting the drinking water supply for purposes of irrigation, industrial processes, and construction. Reclaimed water is also excellent for restoring and enhancing wetlands, adding to groundwater supplies, and increasing flows in rivers and streams.
Water reclamation is beneficial to the environment because it creates a renewable water resource which can be used for a variety of tasks without impacting the drinking water supply. It is estimated that annually, use of reclaimed water saves more than six billion gallons of drinking water, enough to supply 60,000 families over that same time period. Using reclaimed water helps to ensure reliable water supplies for our future.
RTD Power Washing believes water is our most precious natural resource, and is committed to providing you top quality service without damaging the environment. Through our membership in the Power Washers of North America, we are proud to be one of the first companies granted a Water Reclaimer Certification for our mobile power washing units. This certification is your guarantee that the mobile power washing equipment used by our technicians meets or exceeds industry standards and that Best Management Practices are followed concerning the safe use, collection, and disposal of water. From sidewalks to buildings, if your Minneapolis area business is in need of power washing, we would be happy to provide you with a free quote. Give RTD Power Washing a call at 612-868-7312.

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