If you have a car, you have likely either washed it at home, washed it at a self-washing station, or taken it to a car wash. You have used a sponge and gotten all of the dirt and grime off of your car’s exterior and have likely cleaned the interior well enough to make it sparkle. In most cases, this process is completed in under an hour, if you do it yourself, or under 10 minutes at a car wash. Before you know it you are on the road again and ready to wash your car within the next month or two. However, if you own a commercial fleet of tractor trailers, this is not the same experience you have had washing your fleet. If it is the same experience, you are doing your business a disservice.

Size Matters

Washing your fleet is much different than washing your personal vehicle for many reasons. One issue is the mere size of the tractor trailers included in your fleet. Think of it this way. You have likely seen some version of Transformers. Picture Optimus Prime compared to Bumble Bee or even Ratchet. Optimus Prime, in his standing form, towers over his friends by several feet. When he transforms into a truck, he is quite a bit taller than even his SUV-sized friends. Car washing in your home’s driveway was not meant to house such large vehicles. Moreover, physically washing such a vehicle on your own would require ladders and other types of equipment.

Commercial Techniques

The techniques used to wash your commercial fleet are similar to the techniques used to wash a commercial building. Part of the issue is the commercial fleet is often more exposed to elements than a personal vehicle. It is out on the road and stored externally day in and day out, in all kinds of weather. As a result, dirt and grime get into crevices that most people would not even know existed. Therefore, the most beneficial technique for washing your commercial fleet would actually be to power wash your vehicles. Power washers are typically mobile, which means they come to you. That puts less wear and tear on your vehicle and makes the exercise more cost effective and less time-consuming. Using a power washer allows the water and its solution to get into otherwise hard to reach spots on the vehicle. It also allows the user to get to the roof of the vehicle which diminishes the risk of injury.

If you are the proud owner of a commercial fleet, washing the fleet should be your easiest choice. Contact RTD Power Washing at 651-699-3504 to help make the chore seem like a blip on the radar. We will gladly help you make sure your fleet is looking better than new after we have completed our job. With a proper power washing, this chore needs only repeating once a quarter, as opposed to every month. We would be happy to make power washing your fleet a smooth and effortless task.

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