A garage is more than just a spot to park your car.

It’s a space that you expect your car to be kept safe, clean and protected from the elements. You wouldn’t let oil, debris, and garbage sit on the floor of your garage at home, and you certainly wouldn’t want that at your commercial parking garage. Your customers may not remember your garage for being clean and tidy, but they most certainly will remember it for being dirty. You want your customers, visitors and clients to drive and walk into a space that paints a positive picture of your company and brand.

Power Washing Solutions

Parking garages get dirty relatively quickly given the amount of traffic they handle each day. From oil spills to exhaust, a poorly maintained parking garage will soon fall to wreck and ruin. There is also a risk to human health when pollutants build up in confined spaces. Having public areas of your commercial premises professionally power washed should be a regular part of your maintenance.

Professional Cleaning

Roof to Deck Power Washing is a professional service, using the right tools to produce effective and lasting results. Not only do we clean the parking garage space, our team will ensure that stubborn stains are removed without causing damage to paintwork or any of your commercial building structures. You dictate the maintenance schedule to reflect your business needs. However, we are always on hand to offer free consultation on ensuring your parking garage is always ready to receive visitors.

Reliability of Service

While regularly scheduled power washing is a great way to keep your parking garage looking its best, you also need a service that you can rely on in an emergency. It’s difficult to predict what may happen in the course of a typical business day, so Roof to Deck Power Washing is always on hand to help your company maintain a professional appearance when you need it most. All you have to do is call and our team will spring into action to clean up any unexpected mess.

Call Roof to Deck Power Washing today at 651-699-3504 if your parking garage is in need of some much needed TLC.

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