Power washing your fleet and commercial property, when done properly, is almost an art form. There are techniques which can result in more harm than good if not followed properly. More importantly the environmental repercussions can be detrimental if proper protocol is not followed. Therefore, it is essential to make sure your chosen power washing service maintains employee certification for environmental regulations. This includes Bay Area Stormwater Agencies Associations and Power Washers of North America certifications. There are several benefits to hiring power washing companies with these certifications.

Bay Area Stormwater Agencies Association

The Bay Area Stormwater Agencies Association, or BASMAA, offers pressure washers specific training to aid in reducing pollution. This type of certification trains individuals about the hazards of harsh chemicals on the environment. It also educates pressure washers on the wastes that surface cleaning can generate and how to avoid such waste. BASMAA also teaches surface cleaners about properly cleaning up after their byproducts to keep the environment safe. Certified technicians learn about the byproducts of their work, where it goes, and how it affects those who utilize local water sources. They are taught environmentally sound methods to wash your commercial building or fleet. These methods will keep the environment safe and work better than the soap products of the past, too.

Power Washers of North America

Another valuable certification is the Power Washers of North America (PWNA) certification. This type of certification aids in understanding the environmental impact and ensuring the methods and byproducts are environmentally friendly. This also includes understanding fleet washing and all that is included in the process. There are several other potential certifications available, all of which are nationally recognized and carry a high standard.

These certifications allow the client to be confident they are working with technicians who care about their work as well as the environment. This allows the client to also show their clients they are concerned about the environment and only work with like-minded companies. Environmental issues, especially clean water issues, are one of the most pressing issues of the day. Therefore, it is essential to show customers that you are on the Earth’s side. This will aid in attracting a more socially conscious customer, as well as those who just want to know their water is safe to drink.

There are other benefits to hiring a firm with high environmental standards. The investment of requiring these technicians to maintain these certifications shows that the technicians are not fly-by-night sub-contractors. You do not want someone who only cares about the hours billed before they move onto the next job and next dollar. These certifications show that the firm is staffed by employees who work for a company that cares about who they hire to represent them in the field. These firms would rather hire an employee than a sub-contractor. They want to ensure the employee has the company’s best interest at heart, as opposed to his or her own. If you would like to work with a power washing company that cares about the environment and the message they send, contact the experts at RTD Power Washing at (612) 868-7312.

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