Keeping your home, business, and life clean has never been an easy job. Even if you live in a studio apartment – your home sometimes needs a good cleaning. You can strive to keep every little thing crisp and clean, but somehow every item ends up at least a bit dirty.

This fact is multiplied tenfold when you own a business that uses large buildings, equipment, and more. It’s nearly impossible to consistently keep your overhead spic and span. However, cleaning your assets not only makes your business look great – the practice is part of an all-around maintenance plan to ensure your investments last as long as possible.

What is a Fleet Wash?

Fleet washing is an important part of this maintenance. Fleet washing is the deep cleaning of any type of vehicle or equipment used by your business. Due to high usage volumes of most fleets and equipment, these things tend to get quite dirty – quickly. By using a professional mobile fleet washing service, a business can continually keep their vehicles and equipment clean.

What type of Heavy Equipment can get cleaned?

While many use fleet and power washing services to clean their fleet of semi-trucks and other on-road vehicles, there is another way to use these services: on your heavy equipment. Equipment that your business uses to move debris, dirt, and more at your work site or construction site need cleaning too.

These large machines get incredibly dirty. Grit, grime, and more tend to cover many types of heavy equipment from top to bottom after a long project is completed. By using a professional and mobile power washing service, a business owner can efficiently clean his heavy equipment fleet.

Some industries that benefit greatly from heavy equipment fleet cleaning services include:

  • Agricultural
  • Food Services
  • Petroleum
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Logistics
  • Rail
  • Warehousing

…And more!

Always added to your Maintenance Program

Power washing your fleet of heavy equipment should be part of your business’ maintenance program. These heavy-duty machines can cost millions of dollars. Power washing cleans the heavy equipment while helping to identify any areas on the machine that may be having problems. Leaks, broken parts, safety concerns, and more are often addressed during power washing of heavy equipment.

A “Green” Clean unlike you’ve ever seen

As many heavy equipment fleets consist of machinery used in agriculture, food services, and warehouses – it’s imperative to find a power washing service that offers “Green” fleet cleaning. Finding a power washing service that uses 100% biodegradable cleaning products that are phosphate-free is very important. Nothing, but water and rain should go down the drain – no chemicals!

RTD Power Washing for Heavy Equipment

If your heavy equipment is in need of a cleaning, please reach out to us at RTD Power Washing. Here at RTD, we strive to provide premier power washing services for heavy equipment at an affordable price. Our professionally trained staff only uses “green” cleaning products to preserve the appearance and serviceability of your heavy equipment fleet.

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