The summer is one of the busiest times of year for most businesses that deal with consumers, including freight shipping. Aside from the holiday season, people are buying items at an incredibly fast pace during the warmer months. They are enjoying more outdoor entertainment, conducting more home improvement projects, and keeping an overall fast paced lifestyle that leads to consumerism. As a result, your commercial fleets are on the go from sun up to sun up, only stopping for regulated stops as needed. This type of constant movement allows dirt to attack your fleet on a regular basis, making your constant advertising look unkempt and downright ugly. To avoid this issue, it is a great idea to maintain a regular fleet washing schedule for your commercial fleet.

Take the Time to Rest

Because of the constant movement of fleet shipping vehicles during the summer, many complain that the vehicles are on the road so much they do not have time to stop for a thorough washing on a regular basis. This is an excuse that should not be a part of your company’s vernacular. Just like a person, a machine needs to stop every so often to be maintained and pampered. Otherwise, the machine will stop working for you and you will be out of service for longer than a day or so. During this rest time, it is ideal to check the fleet over for any issues and wash it, keeping it clean and working well. This will also help insure your drivers are taking the time they need to rest as well.

Allowing Your Fleet to Advertise for You

Your commercial fleet does more than cart items to and from locations. It is a constant form of advertising. People see your fleet on the road and notice the company for which it drives. Therefore, you must allow this advertising to work for you throughout the year. If your fleet is on the road the most during the summer months, its message should be legible, as opposed to covered in dirt. A dirty fleet is not the message you want to give to the public. They may, in turn choose to shop elsewhere, with a company that takes pride in its equipment. As a result, you, as the owner of a fleet, should think like the consumer, or the business hiring your fleet, and understand the importance placed on cleanliness. The summer months are a great time to work to keep your fleet clean between deliveries, keeping your advertising always spotless.

If you are in need of a clean fleet, contact the experts at RTD Power Washing at 651.373.2408. RTD Power Washing specializes in fleet washing while maintaining Clean Water Act Compliance and keeping within your budget. As a mobile power washing company, RTD is able to come to you, making the process of washing your fleet easier and keeping mileage off of your equipment. Our quality staff is reliable and an expert in the field, answering any questions that may come to mind.

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