Fleet Washing can be an expensive and time-consuming proposition for many companies, especially if you have a lot of trucks or company vehicles. Yet, it is also essential for presenting a positive company image and ensuring safety as well as road-worthiness. Fortunately, hiring a mobile fleet washing company is an efficient and cost-effective method of fleet washing that can ensure a thorough cleaning while minimizing down time. Here’s a look at how contracting with a Twin Cities pressure washing company can help you save on fleet washing costs:

When a mobile fleet washing professional takes care of your fleet cleaning needs, you can avoid having to shoulder expenses such as employee hourly wages, power washing equipment and maintenance, and chemical costs. When you add up labor and training cost, chemical cost, and equipment maintenance cost, it is much less expensive to hire a professional fleet washing company.

Pressure washing companies can provide more efficient fleet washing than on-staff employees simply because they’re experts who know how to effectively get the job done. They know what pitfalls to avoid and how to remove tough grime. This means the task is completed more quickly with better results.
It is much less expensive to have a mobile fleet washing company come to you than it is for you to go to a truck wash bay. Not only are truck wash bay prices much higher, you also have the expense of paying your driver to drive there, wait for them to wash the truck, and drive back. Also, you have to pay for the fuel to get there and back. A mobile fleet washing company is usually a third of the cost of a wash bay.
Many companies save on annual fleet washing costs by hiring a company that provides efficient power washing for trucks. No business leader likes to waste funds when there are more efficient ways of accomplishing routine tasks. Even if you have employees who are capable of handling power washing for trucks, it’s often more cost-effective to bring in professionals.

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