Salt and chemicals for clearing ice from the roads can be tough on your commercial fleet. Whether you have five or fifty, your investment into your fleet vehicles is significant, and you want to protect that investment. Keeping your commercial vehicles clean, even in the winter, can have many benefits, making it worthwhile to make power washing them a priority.

4 Excellent Reasons to Invest in Fleet Power Washing

Whether you own a pizza delivery service or a carpet cleaning business, if you have a fleet of vehicles, maintenance is key. It is not just maintaining what is under the hood that can make a difference; keeping the exteriors clean is also important. Here are four reasons investing in ongoing fleet power washing is a wise move as a business owner.

  1. Rust. Salt and chemicals cause premature rusting of vehicles in Minnesota, if not removed quickly. Regular power washing can help minimize the rust and other damage that can occur throughout the winter.
  2. Employee Retention. Washing your fleet makes for happier drivers. Keep your drivers satisfied by scheduling cleanings of their workspace on a regular basis.
  3. Avoid Inspections. The Department of Transportation (DOT) is more likely to stop a dirty vehicle for roadside inspection. Clean vehicles are associated with well-maintained vehicles. Setting a regular cleaning schedule for your fleet should reduce your drivers’ chances of being pulled over.
  4. Protect your brand’s image. Your fleet vehicles are moving advertisements for your business. If your logo is covered in grime and dirt, what does that say about your brand? Keep your vehicles clean to make the best impression on potential and existing customers when your fleet is out on the road.

If you own a business with a commercial fleet in the Twin Cities, protect your investment with routine fleet washing from our professionals. RTD Power Washing is your local source for quality, reliable cleaning for your fleet vehicles, any time of year. Contact us at 651-699-3504 for a quote or to schedule your fleet power washing today.

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