Have you ever used a pressure washer and found it difficult to clean the surface you’re targeting?  The angle of the nozzle makes a difference, depending on what you’re cleaning.  As any professional power washing company will tell you, it is important to use the right nozzle for the job – not only to clean more effectively, but to prevent damage to your property.

When using power washers, Twin Cities homeowners should keep in mind that the amount of pressure that reaches the target depends in part on the size of the nozzle’s orifice (hole).  When you pressure wash at the wrong angle, one of two things can happen.  Either the spray will merely deliver a glancing blow (thus rendering the pressure washer much less effective), or you’ll end up spraying your property too forcefully, which can result in permanent and costly damage.

When selecting the best nozzle for a job, a professional power washing company is able to draw upon years of expertise in order to perform the task as efficiently as possible.  Amateur power washers, Twin Cities homeowners and anyone else using store-bought equipment may have a tougher time determining which nozzle to use.

When working with the right nozzle for the job, remember to check for signs of wear, and have the nozzle replaced when appropriate. Each job is different and can require multiple nozzles; using the correct one will help ensure your work is done properly.

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