Like most exterior projects, most property owners do not even consider power washing until spring comes around. They allow the dirt and grime to pile up on the exterior of their building throughout the coldest months of the year. Then, they clean the building as soon as the frost breaks. While this may be the standard in building maintenance, it is not necessarily the best option to help maintain your property and keep it safe from winter damage. As a property owner, it may behoove you to consider power washing your commercial property after each significant snow storm throughout the winter.

The Logistics

Power washing can be completed any time of year. A reputable company has the technology to work even in the coldest temperatures to ensure your building will be sparkling clean throughout the year. However, there are a few logistics to keep in mind when power washing anything throughout the winter. First, you must make sure the snow is not piled so high on the ground that you will not be able to get a power washer close enough to the building. Another reason for this is you want to be sure that the benefits will not quickly be undone by the melting snow. Therefore, you may want to wait a few days after a snow storm for the snow and ice to have a chance to melt a bit.

Also, you do not want to power wash your building on days that are too cold to allow the excess water to easily dry or drain. If the water will freeze on contact, you may wish to wait another day or two to begin a power washing job.

The Benefits

Once it has warmed a bit, there are many benefits to power washing your commercial property after a snow storm. Snow and ice leave large amounts of dirt and grime in their wake. This dirt stains a building’s exterior and can also lead to growth of moss if left untreated. Power washing after the snow has melted will help remove this issue before it has a chance to spread and become a true nuisance.

Another benefit to power washing is that by removing grime from the roof and gutters, you allow melting snow to properly drain from your building. This can reduce or even eliminate the risk of ice dam formation. This can save you money, headaches, and problems in the future because you are proactively cleaning your building.

Finally, by power washing after a snow storm, you are making your spring cleaning schedule much less demanding. While the weather conditions may have to be just right to be able to power wash your commercial property after snow, it is best to act early. Jumping on those opportunities now will allow your spring power washing schedule to become routine maintenance, as opposed to a huge job at the start of the season.

To learn more about power washing your commercial property in the winter months, contact the experts at RTD Power Washing at (612) 868-7312. Their skilled technicians can help explain the benefits and the best timing to makes sure your commercial property stays clean – even when Mother Nature has other plans.

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