If you have recently added steel siding to your home or business, or bought a building with steel siding, you may wonder how best to maintain this exterior. Steel siding has become a hot trend in exterior home and building improvements and for good reason. Durable and beautiful, steel siding is a great option to give protection to your building’s exterior during the harsh winters in Minnesota. The good news is that it is also easy to maintain using power washing.

Tips for Steel Siding Maintenance

Power washing is the best way to maintain and clean steel siding, but there are some facts you need to consider before trying to do this yourself. While steel siding can withstand the impact of power washing better than other types of siding like wood or even vinyl without damage, using the right methods and preparation are crucial. Some tips for safely cleaning steel siding include:

  • Turn off all electricity. Steel is a great conductor of electricity and so is water. For safety, it is best to shut off electricity to exterior outlets and fixtures while power washing.
  • No chemicals. Certain chemicals can react with steel and cause damage to the siding. Unless a cleaner is specifically used for steel siding, use only water to clean the metal.
  • Use a low setting. Steel siding is durable, but high-pressure water can still damage the surface if used incorrectly. Power washing should be performed on a low setting to avoid harming the siding.
  • Loosen debris. If the siding has accumulated excess dirt, mildew or debris, use a soft-bristled brush to loosen debris before you begin power washing.

Thoroughly cleaning steel siding using power washing can help restore the beautiful surface and help maintain it for many years to come. However, you do want to have the right tools and training to complete the job right. Make it simple on yourself by giving us a call at 651-699-3504.

RTD Power Washing has expert crews that can professionally clean your steel siding to keep it looking like new.


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