The exterior of your home is a shield from the forces of nature. It is the part of the home that gets hit with rain, sleet, snow, wind, and anything else mother nature decides to throw. The good news is this shield protects your home’s interior from Mother Nature’s wrath, keeping you and your family warm and secure. However, when the sun begins to shine and the days are longer, your house that may have been a beautiful white, blue, or yellow color, now appears gray, black, and just dirty. Take one look and you may hear yourself ask, “What color is my home’s exterior?”  You may rush to buy paint to make it look the way you want to present it to the world, but that may be unnecessary and much more expensive than need be.

Power Washing for the Win!

The first item on your list to present your best exterior should always be power washing. The exterior of your home, whether it needs paint or not, needs to be cleaned off all of the dirt and grime which stick to your siding like dirt sticks to kids. If you do not power wash your exterior first, your paint will not properly cover your home’s exterior. Additionally, once you power wash your home, you may determine it is beautiful just the way it is and you may not need to repaint the exterior any time soon. This process saves you time, money, and sanity, while helping your home return to its original luster.

The Again…

Once the power washing is completed, you may notice you do not like the color of your home’s exterior or there is damage to the paint from years of exposure to the elements. Since you are already in the process of this home improvement project, now is the perfect time to start painting. First, find out if any ordinances in your town dictate the color of the exterior of your home. You do not want to paint your home purple when your town has an ordinance that says all homes must be white, beige or yellow. Next, make sure you are using the best paint to stand up to the exterior elements.  When purchasing your paint, the sales person should be able to help you find the right paint for your job, as interior paint would not be appropriate and will cause more harm than good. Finally, find the color scheme that best suits your home’s personality. This is a labor intensive job that you do not want to repeat in five years. Make sure you love the color you choose and do not settle.

If you are looking at your home, wondering the color and what it should look like, contact the experts at RTD Power Washing at 612-868-7312. They will gladly help you determine if power washing alone is the best option or if you should begin looking at paint as well. Either way, you know the experts at RTD Power Washing are experts you can trust.

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