It makes sense that we want our buildings and neighborhoods to stay clean throughout the year. We look to keep our business exteriors appealing and graffiti off our city streets. Keeping a city clean adds to its prosperity and makes it inviting to visitors and locals alike. Yet, in today’s world of global warming and climate change, we cannot afford to sacrifice the environment while keeping it clean. Therefore, when cleaning your buildings and city structures, make sure that the environment is your first priority.


Obviously, pressure washing typically involves the use of water. Water is a valuable resource and should be treated as such. In the summer months, many areas experience a drought, wherein it is essential to preserve water whenever possible. Therefore, when utilizing a pressure washing company, make sure they have their own source of water. Many companies that deal with commercial power washing will actually carry their own supply of water to ensure they do not utilize your town’s water supply when you may need it most. In addition, your chosen power washer should make sure they are EPA Clean Water Act Compliant. This means they have perfected a method which no waste water will go down any storm drains, thereby maintaining the integrity of the town’s water supply.


Not all chemicals are created equally. Some chemicals are harmful to the environment and will do more harm than good when it comes to cleaning your property or town. Then there are environmentally friendly “chemicals” that will not only keep your property safe, but keep the environment safe from harm. No company should be utilizing anything that is not environmentally friendly, especially when your commercial property can and will come in contact with numerous people, animals, and environmental issues. The most biodegradable products used in power washing are phosphate free. Without phosphates, chemicals are safe for the environment and allow for any residue to easily dissipate as opposed to cause harm to the surrounding environment.

The RTD Power Washing Difference

RTD Power Washing prides itself in being certified green clean while providing the most through power washing services. RTD Power Washing utilizes hot water while providing its own 1000-gallon water supply for each power washing job, whether it be graffiti removal or power washing a commercial property or fleet of trucks. Additionally, the staff of RTD Power Washing is certified in pollution prevention and control through the Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies and the Power Washers of North America. Moreover, RTD Power Washing ensures that no waste water will enter the area storm drains, helping maintain clean water wherever they go. While power washing is their expertise, the environment is RTD Power Washing’s passion. They work hard to ensure their children and yours have an environment to call home in twenty years. If you are in need of environmentally friendly commercial power washing or graffiti removal, contact the experts at RTD Power Washing at  (651) 373-2408 today.

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