As the owner of a fleet of commercial vehicles, it is important that your vehicles are clean and represent your company the way you would want to be represented. However, the manner in which they are cleaned should be as important to you as the fact they are clean. If, for some reason, your fleet is not cleaned in the manner that is compliant with the Clean Water Act, you and your cleaning company may be fined and publicly exposed, tarnishing your business’s reputation. Therefore, it is important that the power washing service you are using ensures Clean Water Act compliance with every wash.


The Clean Water Act basically stipulates that only water is to go down the drain, and, if other substances are making their way into the drain, they are sent through a purification system prior to re-entering the water supply. The only types of companies that can offer drainage and purification are car wash facilities that are built to be stationary for that purpose. However, mobile power washing companies must develop a system that will keep them, and in turn you, compliant with the law. Members of the Power Washers of North America can be granted Water Reclaimer Certified status, which means they provide a system in which their trucks reclaim the wastewater and dispose of it properly. As a result, the only thing that goes down the drain is rain. No chemicals or wastewater used in washing your fleet ever make their way to the drain.

The Environment

Power washing, if not done properly by a Water Reclaimer Certified company, can actually be quite dangerous to the environment. If improper chemicals are used to clean your fleet, the mere usage of the chemicals may negatively impact the environment, from releasing a powerful odor to releasing chemicals in the air that should never be found in nature. Furthermore, if the company is not Clean Water Act compliant, those same chemicals could feasibly make their way into to your drinking water. As learned with numerous town-wide environmental lawsuits, adding chemicals to the water supply can result in illnesses including cancer and other problems. It is of the utmost importance for the safety of your surrounding community, employees, and customers that you ensure your company washing your fleet cares as much about the environment you leave behind as you do.

RTD Power Washing prides itself on caring for the environment and conducting its services with the utmost respect for environmental laws. To begin, they make sure to use products that are environmentally friendly and do not cause harm to any living plants, animals, fish or people. In addition, they were the FIRST power washing contractor in Minnesota to earn Water Reclaimer Certification. Not only do they follow the standard set forth by the Clean Water Act, they go above and beyond the basic maintenance of those standards. To learn more about the way in which RTD Power Washing works to help clean your fleets and keep the environment clean and safe, contact them at 612-868-7312.

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