Commercial property value is determined by several factors, such as location, building size, internal features, and cleanliness, to name a few. While little can be done regarding location, building size, and some internal features, cleanliness is something that can easily be controlled by the owner of the property. Cleanliness, with respects to commercial property, is about more than just the inside of the building. It deals a lot with the external portion of the property, including the sidewalk and even the garbage area. It is important to understand the benefits of a thorough power washing to help boost the rental and the sale value.

Make a Moderate Location Appear Beautiful

We have all seen areas that look run down, yet with a bit of effort, they could be thriving communities. These areas have grime and dirt on their sidewalks, buildings, and almost every surface in sight. They are not the depths of the inner city, littered with graffiti and crime; however, they are not the center of the suburban community either. These areas are less desirable to many business owners looking to rent or purchase property because they do not appear successful. They appear to be dilapidated, which is usually not the face a business wishes to put on for the public. Therefore, many of the buildings become vacant, causing a cycle in which areas become completely run down. There is a fix! Simply power washing the location, including the building or buildings, sidewalks surrounding the building, parking area, and garbage area can brighten the area, helping it look pristine and successful. Suddenly, businesses will be happy to move into the space and help the area become the thriving metropolis it should be.

Keeping the Building Safe

More important than aesthetic appeal is the actual maintenance that power washing an area provides. As dirt and grime grow on a building, there is the possibility of moss and ivy growing as well. These plants can begin to eat away at your building, causing other issues to develop, such as mold and possibly even structural damage, in the long run, depending on the material of your building. Just like your home, a commercial building can only withstand so much moss and ivy before it begins to suffer.

Additionally, the garbage area must be cleaned regularly to help keep smells and food residue at bay. As these things pile up, the area can attract rodents and small animals looking to infest your building. This can become a health hazard as well as create health code violations, making the property unsafe for your employees and clients.

Properly power washing the building and garbage area will help to eliminate these issues that could be detrimental to your property. The cost to regularly power wash your commercial property will be far less than the cost to pay fines and fix issues that occur from damage that could have been avoided.

To get your commercial power washing estimate, contact the experts at RTD Power Washing at (612) 868-7312. They will be happy to come to your property and give you an estimate to keep it looking beautiful and staying safe.

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