Has your business been the victim of “tagging,” or other types of graffiti? It can be frustrating to have your commercial property vandalized, detracting from the professionalism of your brand. Removal of graffiti takes specialized equipment, and skill to ensure it is properly removed without adding toxic chemicals to the environment. There are options to “green clean” away graffiti while protecting your property.

Businesses spend millions of dollars each year removing graffiti. While it may seem easier to use chemicals to remove paint from your property, it can have a negative impact on the environment and may be against EPA regulations. Plus, chemicals can harm your surfaces, costing you more in repairs, and repainting. For effective, and green, graffiti removal, consider using a professional pressure washing company that uses safe methods for cleaning your vandalized surfaces.

Green Professional Pressure Washing

While you may be tempted to try to remove graffiti yourself, this is a job best left to the professionals. At RTD Power Washing, we specialize in commercial pressure washing, including green cleaning away graffiti from buildings and equipment. Our methods are standardized to ensure that we safely remove painted graphics without harming your commercial property, or the environment. Some of the benefits of using our green professional pressure washing service include:

  • Hot water pressure washing for effective removal
  • Clean away graffiti from almost any surface: glass, brick, painted surfaces, vinyl, garage doors, awnings, alleys, and metal
  • Safe, green cleaning products that will not damage your property or the environment
  • EPA and VOC compliant products for graffiti removal
  • No phosphates, Xylene, chlorinated hydrocarbons, or other harmful agents are in our cleaners
  • We bring our own water tanks
  • Our company carries $2 million in liability coverage
  • Our team is highly skilled and experienced

You work hard to maintain your business and it can be frustrating to have an inconsiderate person deface your property. However, we can make it quick and easy to erase the evidence left on your commercial building or equipment with our green pressure washing service. All without harming your property or the environment.

Graffiti Removal in Minneapolis

If you have a business in the greater Minneapolis metro area that has been defaced by graffiti, contact our team at RTD Power Washing. We offer green cleaning to restore your commercial property and eliminate any graffiti. Call us today for a quick quote and to schedule your service.

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