Companies that offer fleet pressure washing services aren’t necessarily required to get special certification.  Those that wish to, however, have the option of obtaining fleet washing certification through the Power Washers of North America (PWNA).  This in-depth training program, co-written by our very own Mike Hilborn – teaches power washing companies the specialized knowledge they need to provide safe and effective pressure washing for trucks and trailers.

Fleet pressure washing certification also provides benefits for customers, as it helps them separate the wheat from the chaff when choosing a Twin Cities power washing company.  Reasons to hire a company that’s certified in fleet pressure washing include:

Guaranteed training – All companies that earn fleet washing certification through the PWNA must first pass a training course in which they learn best practices to use when pressure washing trucks.  When you hire a certified fleet washing company, you can rest assured your trucks are in capable hands.

Responsible wastewater recovery – Certified companies also learn proper techniques for reclaiming and disposing of wastewater from mobile fleet pressure washing.  They’re aware of the heavy metals, suspended solids and other toxins that build up on trucks, and they understand the importance of preventing these substances from entering local water systems.

Professional accountability – Twin Cities power washing companies with fleet washing certification are held to the highest industry standards. The PWNA doesn’t give its stamp of approval lightly.

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