Summer is a time that businesses often move. They tend to slow down in the summer, making the process of moving a bit easier to handle, without leaving work undone or clients out in the cold. If you own a commercial building that is not seeing new tenants fill your empty spaces over the summer, it may be a problem with your building’s appearance, over any other factors. The benefit of this problem is the fix is not only easy, but relatively inexpensive.

Clean is Key

If your business is in a good neighborhood and in a relatively busy business environment, the two most important factors for business owners are met with your building. Yet, you still have more open spaces in your building that have been vacant for much too long.  Part of the issue may be that either your exterior, interior, or both are not sparkling clean, making the property look dirty, dingy, and not welcoming to customers. While the property may be clean, it may not appear as clean as a professional building should appear. People expect a professional building to be sparkling clean, making most homes look quite dingy by comparison. This is something a business owner will notice from the first moment he or she passes you building and sees dirt on the side of your building. Many times, that business owner will pass right by your property and move on to the next property in their price range.

There Is No Such Thing as Too Clean

There are many businesses that make a living providing office cleanings. This service is a commodity most businesses are happy to pay for, with the expectation that their offices will be cleaner than their homes. Many of these cleaning businesses only concentrate on offices as there is a different standard of care one must take to clean an office space: not better or worse, just different. The philosophy is that there is no such thing as too clean for any space, especially an office space. Unlike a home, an office space is not lived in and does not need to appear as such. Some of the most occupied office spaces are amongst the cleanest spaces around. However, it is just as important to keep your exterior clean as well as your interior. While a home may only be power washed once or twice a year, an office building may require power washing once every two or three months. Furthermore, it is not just the building, but the trash area and parking lot that requires this type of service as well, always reminding people this is a warm, inviting atmosphere.

If you are the owner of a commercial building that has a few spots to fill, take a look at your building and analyze the cleanliness of the exterior. Then, contact the experts at RTD Power Washing at 651.373.2408. Their power washing experts can help transform your exterior to an “A” space and aid in your ability to fill those empty space quickly.

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