What is on the restoration agenda this year for your business? Whether you are planning a complete painting project for your commercial buildings, need graffiti removed, or need to restore wood fencing, surface preparation is key to ensuring the money you spend on restoration will be a wise investment. A clean, stripped surface for staining or painting is imperative for most types of surfaces, which starts with removing dirt, debris, and existing coatings without damaging the surface. This is best performed through hydro blasting.

Why Hydro Blasting for Surface Restorations?

Before you can restore a surface, it needs to be completely cleaned. Dry blasting with air and other abrasives can remove many surface contaminants and coatings, but it has a major drawback: dust. Anything removed fills the air with dust and debris, often toxic to the environment. Instead of cleaning and stripping a surface with air, hydro blasting offers many benefits for both your business and the environment, including:

  • Easier cleanup
  • Fewer health hazards for your employees
  • Safe for most surfaces
  • Ideal for stripping large surfaces
  • Greener option for the environment

Hydro blasting can be used for buildings, heavy equipment, metal surfaces, brick/stone, concrete and most surfaces. It offers an expedient option for cleaner restorations that are safe and effective in commercial applications. When used by an experienced professional, hydro blasting can be paired with the ideal media in the preparation and restoration of many surfaces, regardless of size and location, for efficient and safe industrial projects.

Professional Hydro Blasting in the Twin Cities

If you are planning large restoration or cleaning projects for your business in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, contact our professional team at RTD Power Washing. We specialize in commercial and industrial pressure washing and hydro blasting, serving our clients in the Twin Cities since 1995. Call us at 651-699-3504 to get a quote for your next restoration project that needs professional hydro blasting for surface preparation.

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