While watching TV on Saturday morning, you hear noise coming from the neighbor’s house. You look out the window and see that he has a pressure washer and is spraying his brick home. 

That Looks Easy Enough

You get to thinking it is a splendid idea. Since it’s the weekend, and you have no plans, why not pressure wash your bricks? You call a rental service, and they have one available for pick up. They even provide the correct soap for cleaning brick for an additional $9.99, bringing you total to just over $100. You think to yourself that you will probably save a few hundred off hiring a professional.

But just as you are heading out to the car, you see one of the neighbor’s shutters flying off the house and through his neighbor’s window on the other side. The neighbor to your right is laughing, obviously enjoying the show. He looks over at you and says, “He should have called RTD Power Washing. He could have saved a lot of money and trouble.”

The Dangers of DIY Pressure Washing

OK, the above scenario is fictional. However, don’t let this happen to you. Don’t be lured in by the ease and inexpensive DIY method to clean your brick, concrete, wood, or steel siding. 

Pressure washing concrete or brick can tear out the mortar and weaken the structure of your home. Using the wrong pressure or detergent can peel off the paint on your steel siding. 

The inexperienced user can tear up screens, and window seals. These leaks can cause water to stream into your walls and attic. That unwanted moisture will stain your wall and floor covering, causing mold growth that could endanger your family’s respiratory system.    

And besides, don’t you have anything better to do with your weekend than power washing your home? Our technicians are professionals who have a reputation for care when power washing your home, deck, and driveway.

Call the RTD Power Washing Professionals

We’re here to serve you at a price you can afford, so there’s no need to consider DIY. Ask your friends and neighbors in the Twin City area, and they will tell you, the RTD Power Washing team are the technicians to call.  

Call today, 651-699-3504, or use our convenient contact request to get a no-obligation, free estimate. 

The Power Washers of North America certify us.

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