As the winter season approaches, consider all of the maintenance that needs to be done to ensure proper care of your investments. It only takes a few moments of preparedness but can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Many projects can be checked off of the list by hiring a power washing company to get the list down to nothing in no time.

Home Exteriors

Your home is your biggest investment. Making sure it’s winterized will only help get it back in shape as it starts to warm up again.

  • POWER THROUGH THE GRIME. The last thing you want to do is leave mold, moss, or dirt clinging to your exteriors with the colder season approaching. Get the right power washer and you could remove stains, too.
  • CLEAN THE GUTTERS. It’s an easy job with a power washer. Blasting through the leaves, sticks, and debris is a breeze with the right accessories.
  • DE-GRUNGE THE DECK. Most decks are made of wood and it is especially important not to leave it dirty and let nature reclaim it with mold and moss. Wood also warps if not properly cared for. You should re-stain it before summer and keep it pristine for long wear during the winter.
  • SAFETY FIRST. Everybody uses your driveway and it could be a safety hazard if there are any slick surfaces. Get up any oil, gas, or other liquids with a power washer. Be prepared to use some cleaners for especially tough stains.

Your Vehicle

It’s easy to overlook your vehicle. Power washing will keep the surface clean, so it will be easier to remove road debris, like salt. Your power washer has to have the correct pressure and solvents to keep the integrity of the paint but will result in being able to make cleaning your car a quick job instead of something that has ruined your paint.

Smart Choices

Why not visit us at RTD Power Washing? Our experts will get all of your winter season prep done for you. We even have a satisfaction guarantee. Call us at 651-699-3504 to set up an appointment today.

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