A concrete walkway, patio, or sidewalk at a business location can be one the most beautiful materials one can have in front and around their premises. Not many other materials are as long lasting, low maintenance, brightly colored, and magnificent as concrete, especially when it is properly maintained. However, over the years, concrete can take a pounding from life’s and Mother Nature’s many curve balls. Things like oils spills, tire marks, and years of wear and tear delivered courtesy of Mother Nature, can have that once radiant-looking concrete “appearing” like it needs to be ripped up, and repaved.

However, in times where money is tight for small businesses, but we still have clients and future clients to impress with our building’s appearance, there is an alternative. We here at RTD Power Washing can help you save thousands of dollars by performing professional-grade, commercial power washing on your concrete walkways and patios.

How Do We Do It?

When you have been serving Minnesota since 1995, you tend to pick up a few things.  We use state of the art, professional-grade, power washing equipment that you will not find at your local home variety stores. We use water that is heated up for maximum cleaning power and set the pressure to 3000 PSI. Along with the hot water coming out at high pressures, we add in just the right mix of commercial concrete cleaning agents. Our cleaning agents are ideal for businesses looking to remove exhaust, dirt, gum and grime from both indoor and outdoor areas. We also can clean the sides of your building.

The Importance Of Sealing After Pressure Washing

With the many changing seasons here in MN, concrete surfaces are likely to come into contact with rain residue, algae, and even mold. This occurrence also adds to the “weathered” looking appearance of concrete that really isn’t even that old, but appears ancient. Algae and mold growth build up can form and make certain parts of a sidewalk, patio, or even a parking lot slippery and even dangerous to walk on. In today’s litigious society, slippery driveways are a receipt for a slip and fall and then a lawsuit being “served” to your business. Protect yourself after a concrete power washing with an unnoticeable layer of concrete sealer. This seal will greatly diminish any mold or algae growth showing its ugly face on your premises and threatening your visitor’s and employee’s safety.

We use a solvent-based polyurethane, acrylic concrete sealer. It only takes one to three coats, and your concrete will have a thick layer of protection. So if you are ready to protect your power washing investment, ask us about our concrete sealing too.

So if you have been thinking about calling the local concrete demolition team to rip up your concrete in certain areas, stop. You just may need high-powered commercial cleaning from RTD, which could save you time and money. In the business world, not many things are more important than time and money, let us help you save on both.


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