Spring cleaning isn’t just for homes – brick-and-mortar businesses can benefit from it, as well.  After a winter of rain, snow and winds, it’s a simple matter to revive the appearance of your business with the help of a commercial power washing service.  Since consumers often judge a business on its external appearances, it’s to your advantage to make a good first impression.  Professional power washing services can help prevent the unfair judgment of your business and services after the winter grime has taken its toll. Taking pride in ownership means keeping up appearances, and commercial property cleaning can help bring new prospects through your door and keep your registers ringing.


When your commercial building needs a facelift, you don’t have to plan a remodel. One of the best ways to perk up the exterior of a building is to simply make it look clean.  Pull the weeds, trim the hedges and call a commercial power washing service to beautify the property.  By doing so, you can reap the following rewards:

Motivate employees:  when an employee feels negatively about his or her place of work, he or she will feel less motivated to perform well, less connected to the work environment and less eager to keep up productivity.  And the outside of the building can be as important a part of the environment as what goes on indoors.  It takes only one staff member to gripe about a building’s dirty appearance to bring the rest of the team down.  Help your employees feel proud about their place of employment, and this pride will translate into improved retention, teamwork and productivity.

Attract more customers: when it comes to free enterprise, beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder; it’s in the eye of the consumer.  According to the book Contemporary Marketing 2011, customers are attracted to ideal “atmospheric” conditions.  The term “atmospheric” partly refers to the physical characteristics that attract customers. Consumers often consider clean-looking, well-kept commercial buildings as places that will satisfy their shopping needs.  Part of being a business owner is satisfying customer wants and needs, and satisfaction can come with something as simple as making a building look cared for with the help of professional power washing services.

Increase your bottom line: customers don’t shop with a list.  Up to 70 percent of consumers make their purchasing decisions after walking through the front door of the store.  Getting a prospect through the front door is one of the biggest challenges when you own a business. When your building sparkles, there is a better chance you’ll see an increase in foot traffic.  Once a customer is inside, you have achieved the hardest part of making a sale.

Reduce risks: keeping the area around your commercial building clean with the help of a commercial power washing company can help reduce the number of employee and customer accidents.  Mud, built-up dirt, leaves, grease and other fluids can make the exterior of your business a danger zone.  They can also make your building seem less welcoming overall.


When you hire professional power washing services to help beautify your commercial property, the wastewater has to go somewhere.  It is against the law for wastewater created by pressure washing (or even water from a hose) to go down any storm drains.  The reason for this is to help protect wildlife from toxins that may enter the water, such as car oil from a parking lot.  Avoid a hefty fine and hire a commercial pressure washing professional who has the proper equipment and certifications to clean your building’s exterior and handle the wastewater responsibly.


Springtime in many regions comes with nighttime temperatures that are sometimes below freezing. Professional power washing services often clean the exteriors of commercial buildings after hours so your customers are not inconvenienced.  If the forecast calls for freezing temperatures on the night of your scheduled pressure washing service, you may need to be flexible and reschedule the cleaning for another time.

Using a commercial property cleaning service is an effective way to freshen up the look of your property, attract new customers and increase your sales. Now that you know that enhancing the outside of your commercial building is so simple, there is no excuse to put your spring cleaning off any longer.

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