Cars do not only need to be washed in warm weather. The same is true – maybe even more so – when it comes to power washing commercial fleets of trucks. In addition to the normal elements that affect vehicles all throughout the year, winter storms create additional issues which may cause rust, paint removal, and other damages to your fleet. Rock salt is full of chemicals which can negatively affect the underbelly and other areas of your fleet. This can lead to costly repairs that could have otherwise been prevented.

The Issues

The main reason many fleets are power washed throughout the year is to keep up the look of the exterior. However, there are other issues that can arise which are related to excessive dirt and prolonged exposure to the elements such as rain, ice, and snow. If left unattended, rust can begin to appear, which affects how the exterior of the vehicle performs. As more and more rust builds up, it can actually eat away at the metal. This causes holes in the exterior, as well as less flexibility in the joints. Snow aids in forming rust, just as rain and bodies of water do. In addition, rock salt can not only in cause rusting, but it can begin to chip away at the paint on the exterior of the vehicle. As the paint chips away, the metal is unprotected. This leaves it susceptible to damage, such as increased rust exposure.

As for the look of the vehicle, a dirty fleet is seen as an unreliable fleet. Many customers look at a dirty fleet as representing a company that does not take pride in their work. It can cost the company in the bottom line, making it less cost effective to run the fleet during the winter.

Finally, a dirty vehicle is also less fuel efficient as a clean fleet. Dirt actually weighs down a vehicle slightly. However, as more and more dirt and debris build up on the truck, the more weight is added. This causes the vehicle to use more fuel to continue operating.

Winter Washing Solutions

When it comes to commercial fleets, the best way to keep your fleet clean, especially in the winter, is through the use of power washing. Power washing your fleet maintains the beauty and reliability of your vehicle, extending its lifetime. By utilizing a well-equipped power washing company, specialized chemicals will help clean your fleet without creating additional water damage issues. Your vehicle will run more efficiently, look more beautiful, and be protected from the elements.

RTD Power Washing offers affordable, reliable fleet power washing throughout the entire year. They understand the need to maintain the beauty and efficiency of your fleet throughout the year. In addition, they are Clean Water Act Compliant, making sure the environment is not negatively affected by power washing your fleet. To learn more about the best ways to keep your fleet clean throughout the entire year, contact RTD Power Washing at (612) 868-7312.

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