When you consider spending money to buy a power washing machine or pay to get that project professionally done, ask yourself, will you use the machine enough to justify the cost?

It’s still winter, but spring is on the way. Soon, two things will likely happen to cause you to think about buying a pressure or power washer. You will get a stimulus check from the government, or you will receive a tax return.

Most will convince themselves that it would be great to own a power washing machine to zip away all the winter road chemicals that have been thrown into your driveway and up against your house.

Whereas these chemicals should indeed be power washed off your home, deck, driveway, and walkways, you will probably not do it yourself. You might sit there and watch the commercial or sales ad on TV and tell yourself you could save some money by doing it. You might even convince your significant other it’s an excellent idea and a smart way to spend your tax return.

However, if you are truthful with yourself, the truth is you’re only going to use it once or twice. It will then become another gadget collecting dust in the garage beside the exercise gym, treadmill, and leaf blower you never use. Let’s face it; there are more important things to do with our time. You came to that realization as the football playoff game came back on the TV after the ad.   

Let the professionals at RTD Powerwashing take the hassle out of those power wash projects.    

Powerwashing or Pressure Wash Considerations

Do you have time to learn how to use the device? Will you research to determine what pressure, water temperature, soaps, and conditioners should be used for each project? If not, you could do more damage than good.

Did you know that using a pressure wash on brick could break down the mortar holding your bricks in place? A pressure wash might take the paint right off your house or the stain off your deck. Also, some chemicals used in these machines can harm your pets or kill your plants. 

Is it worth the expense to buy a machine and the additives to use only once or twice? Even if you are the kind who likes doing projects around the house, there are probably many things on your list already.    

Call RTD Powerwashing & Use Your Weekend to Relax        

Call us today, 651-699-3504. Additionally, you can use our convenient contact request to get one of our technicians to give you a price for all your power washing projects. There’s no obligation with our free estimate — plus guaranteed satisfaction.

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