In Minnesota, many businesses forego outdoor cleaning until spring, allowing the winter grime to accumulate on their exterior surfaces. While many of your neighboring businesses may take the same approach, this is an opportunity to make your business stand out from the rest. The winter Minnesota sun still shines, and it can show all the dirt and soot that’s left behind on the exterior of your business. A winter pressure washed cleaning is just what you need to make your business look its best; glowing like a diamond amongst the other dirty buildings on your block.

White Snow Leaves a Dull, Dirty Mess

It’s no secret snow only stays white for a short while before it turns gray from dirt and debris. The same is true for the exterior of your business. It is a common site throughout the Twin Cities to see buildings streaked with dirt and grime, often staying filthy until the warmer weather arrives. Just because it is still frigid outside doesn’t mean you cannot keep your building, parking lots, and other outdoor surfaces clean. Professional pressure washing can clear away the grime and give your business a clean, bright appearance any time of year (when the temperature is above freezing).

Safe, Effective Winter Pressure Washing

At RTD Power Washing, we offer our services year-round for our commercial clients. Our team knows how to safely and effectively clean exterior surfaces, even in the middle of a Minnesota winter (as long as the temperature is 33°F and above). We can clean walls and other surfaces that are covered with winter grime, revealing a springtime clean for your business, even when the groundhog predicts another six weeks of winter. The results will be even more spectacular when showcased next to other businesses that are waiting until April or May to give their exteriors a good cleaning! We also offer our graffiti removal services year-round, so you won’t need to wait until spring to remove vandalism from your property.

If you are ready to make your business shine this winter, give our RTD Power Washing team a call at 651-699-3504. We offer a full line of commercial pressure washing services year-round to help improve the first impression your customers get of your business.

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