Graffiti is a serious problem affecting our urban area. Now that summer is nearing, it seems the problem will only get worse. Graffiti makes our beautiful structures and neighborhoods look dingy and run down, leaving the effects of poverty in its wake. However, it does not have to stay broken and beaten.  We believe our city can be beautiful again. Therefore, we have initiated “The Fight Against Urban Blight,” wherein we will respond to reports of graffiti within 24 to 48 business hours of receipt. It is our way of giving back to our community that has given us so much.

Where It Works

We utilize special products in removing any and all graffiti throughout the city. Our products do not cause damage to the original surface and actually help restore the surface beauty to its luster prior to be defaced. Whether it be brick or painted surface, glass or vinyl, alley ways, residential garage doors, or even awnings, we can safely remove the ugly defamation without leaving any evidence of it ever having existed. We are fighting back to keep our city beautiful.

The Process

The best way to remove graffiti is through a hot water pressure washing combined with environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. This method is less abrasive to both the building and the environment and allows the original beauty to shine through, rather than causing more damage than the original graffiti. Our method has actually been the preferred method of many cuties when citing graffiti removal regulations.

We believe service matters as well as method and process. Therefore, we take the utmost care when servicing our community. Our employees (not subcontractors) are highly skilled and fully trained. And since they live and work in these areas, they care like we do, that they remain beautiful and well cared for.  In addition, we have been around for many years and look forward to staying in business for many more years, so we are more than willing to carry proper liability insurance coverage in case an issues does arise.

Not only do we care about the beauty of our community, we care about the environment. That is why we carry 1,000 gallons of water with us to allow us the ability to save your community water for the community. We also ensure our vehicles are EPA Clean Water Act Compliant, to not create an environmental issue in the wake of our services.

We live in your community. Our children play on the same playgrounds and attend the same school. We walk and drive past all of the same buildings. Therefore, we care about our home. We know that the cleaner an environment is, the more uplifted the community feels. We want our cities to be uplifted and remain clean and clear of graffiti. It is about more than defacing property.  It is about building a neighborhood that we are proud to call home. To report any issues of graffiti in your area or learn more about our power washing services, contact RTD Power Washing at 612.868.7312.

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