While investigating power washing companies, Minneapolis – St. Paul business owners may assume that fleet power washing services are all the same. On the surface, it may appear that one pressure washer is as good as another. However, with a bit of investigating, you will learn that some firms are more thorough, professional and environmentally compliant than others at pressure washing. Minneapolis – St. Paul business leaders can find the best pressure washing firm for their needs by learning the answers to these five questions.

1. Does the company reclaim the waste Water?

Very few power washing companies have gone through the effort and expense to have their vehicles equipped with waste water vacuum systems.  The Clean Water Act requires that only rain water be allowed to enter a storm drain.  This requires the power washer to reclaim all waste water that would enter a storm sewer or surface water.  Any waste water that does enter a storm drain quickly makes it way to streams, rivers and lakes.  Where we get our drinking water.  To avoid potential liability or bad press, be sure your pressure washing company reclaims your waste water.

2. WHAT TYPES OF CHEMICALS DO YOU USE?                                

The temptation to use inexpensive cleaning chemicals plagues many power washers. Minneapolis – St. Paul business owners should verify that all pressure washing chemicals meet local and regional government standards. Here at RTD Power Washing, all of our power washing solutions are 100 percent biodegradable and entirely free of phosphates.


Subcontracting allows power washing companies to save money. However, without direct quality controls, those companies that do outsource their services often provide sub-par cleaning results and risk Clean Water Act compliance issues. It makes sense for a pressure washing company to outsource something like IT or accounting – these are not the heart of the business. However, to outsource power washing itself is to lose control of the core business. For these reasons and more RTD Power Washing never outsources our services.



The guarantee question is universal for all vendors, of course, but it is especially relevant for vetting power washers. Minneapolis – St. Paul businesses know they can rely on us since we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Our service agreement is simple: If you’re not satisfied with the work, you don’t pay. Mobile services like fleet pressure washing demand this kind of up-front, clear service agreement.


Although certification is not required for pressure washing firms, it is a good indication of competence. Companies that are dedicated to providing the best possible pressure washing service will keep up with industry trends and provide ongoing education to their workers. RTD Power Washing is certified with the Power Washers of North America (PWNA); we were also the first company in Minneapolis – St. Paul to earn Water Reclaimer Certification with the PWNA, signifying our dedication to earth-friendly operations.

By asking these five questions, you can find the best power washing company for your needs. In case we’ve convinced you of our professionalism in pressure washing, you should know that we serve the cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding communities.  We have been providing excellent power washing to companies in Minnesota since 1995.


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